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[ATOMIC ENERGY]. A Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy prepared for the Secretary of State's Committee on Atomic Energy by a Board of Consultants Chester I. Barnard, Dr. J.R. Oppenheimer, Dr. Charles A. Thomas, Harry A. Winne, David E. Lilienthal (Chairman). Published in the U.S.A. ... reprinted by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London. 1946. viii, 44 pp. Original printed wrappers, dust soiled. Ex-library with several circular ink stamps. First British edition.

[54891] £40


COSSHAM, Handel. The Land Question: A Lecture. Manchester: national Reform Union. 1876. 22 pp. Original printed wrappers, upper wrapper rather soiled, library stamp.

[56646] £26

Handel Cossham (1824-1890), M.P., Mayor of Bath, colliery owner and philanthropist.


FABIAN SOCIETY Tracts [as follows]:- 41, The Fabian Society, its Early History by G. Bernard Shaw, reprinted April 1914; 45, The Impossibilities of Anarchism, by Bernard Shaw, July 1893; 61, The London Council, What it is and what it does, 1895; 62, Parish and District Councils, what they are and what they can do, 2 copies - 1895 and 1907; 63, Parish Council Cottages and how to get them, revised November 1900; 64, How to Lose and How to Win and Election, no date; 68, The Tenant's Sanitary Catechism, revised July 1899; 70, Report on Fabian Policy and Resolutions, July 1896; 71, The (London) Tenant's Sanitary Catechism, December 1896; 72, The Moral Aspects of Socialism, by Sidney Ball, November 1896; 73, The Case for State Pensions in Old Age, by George Turner, second edition, November 1899; 74, The State and its Functions in New Zealand, December 1896; 76, Houses for the People, third edition, December 1900; 77, The Municipalization of Tramways, July 1897; Socialism and the Teaching of Christ, by Rev. John Clifford, May 1898; 79, A Word of Remembrance and Caution to the Rich, by John Woolman (Quaker, of New Jersey), January 1898; 80, Shop Life and its Reform, December 1897; 81, Municipal Water, February 1898; 82, The Workmen's Compensation Act, January 1900; 83, State Arbitration and the Living Wage, June 1898; 84, The Economics of Direct Employment, second edition, February 1900; 85, Liquor Licensing at Home and Abroad, second edition revised, by Edward R. Pease, June 1899; 86, Municipal Drink Traffic …, second edition, November 1899; 87, Sosialaeth A Dysgeidiaeth Crist, by John Clifford, June 1899; 88, The Growth of Monopoly in English Industry, by Henry W. Macrosty, September 1899; 89, Old Age Pensions at Work, September 1899; 90, The Municipalization of the Milk Supply, July 1899; 91, Municipal Pawnshops, December 1899; 92, Municipal Slaughterhouses, December 1899; 93, Women as Counciillors, March 1900; 94, Municipal Bakeries, December 1900; 95, Municipal Hospitals, December 1900; 96, Municipal Fire Insurance, February 1901; 97, Municipal Steamboats, February 1901; 98, State Railways for Ireland, October 1899; 99, Local Government in Ireland, February 1900; 100, Metropolitan Borough Councils, their Powers and Duties, January 1900 (with folding table); 146, Socialism and Superior Brains, a reply to Mr Mallock, by Bernard Shaw, reprinted October 1918; 226, The League of Nations, by Bernard Shaw, January 1929; 233, Socialism: Principles and Outlook, by G. Bernard Shaw, April 1930. Occasional minor spotting or browning. Contents loose in contemporary cloth.

[73534] £250


FABIAN SOCIETY. Fabian Tracts. Nos. 1, 5, 7, 9, 12 to 86, nos. 2,3,4 and 6 are withdrawn. Nos. 8, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, [27], 43, 46 and 53 are out of print. Published by the Fabian Society from 1884 to 1898. London: The Fabian Office. 1884-98. General title-page, each separately paginated. Contemporary cloth, rubbed.

[56542] £200


FABIAN SOCIETY. Fabian Tracts: Nos. 3, To Provident Landlords and Capitalists, a Suggestion and a Warning; 4, What Socialism is [by Charlotte Wilson]; 29, What to Read, a List of Books for Social Reformers; 39, A Democratic Budget; 40, Fabian Election Manifesto; 63, Parish Council Cottages and How to Get Them; 65, Trade Unionists and Politics; 67, Women and the Factory Acts, by Mrs. Sidney Webb; 74, The State and its Functions in New Zealand; 77, The Municipalization of Tramways; 80, Shop Life and its Reform; 81, Municipal Water; 82, The Workmen's Compensation Act; 83, State Arbitration and the Living Wage; 85, Liquor Licensing at Home and Abroad, by Edward R. Pease; 87, Sosialaeth A Dysgeidiaeth Crist, by John Clifford [in Welsh]; 88, The Growth of Monopoly in English Industry, by Henry W. Macrosty; 89, Old Age Pensions at Work; 99, Local Government in Ireland; 101, The House Famine and How to Relieve It; 106, The Education Muddle and the Way Out; 110, Problems of Indian Poverty, by S.S. Thorburn; 112, Life in the Laundry; 115, State-Aid to Agriculture, by T.S. Dymond; 116, Fabianism and the Fiscal Question; 118, The Secret of Rural Depopulation, by Lieut.-Col. D.C. Pedder; 120, "After Bread, Education" a Plan for the State Feeding of School Children; 126, The Abolition of Poor Law Guardians; 127, Socialism and Labor Policy; 135, Paupers and Old Age Pensions, by Sidney Webb; 153, The Twentieth Century Reform Bill, by Henry H. Schloesser; 163, Women and Prisons by Helen Blagg & Charlotte Wilson; 185, The Abolition of the Poor Law, by Mrs. Sidney Webb; 197, The International Labour Organisation of the League of Nations, by Wm. Stephen Sanders; 198, Some Problems of Education, by Barbara Drake; 199, William Lovett, by Mrs. L. Barbara Hammond; 200, The State in the New Social Order, by Harold J. Laski; 201, International Co-Operative Trade, by Leonard Woolf; 202, The Constitutional Problems of a Co-operative Society, by Sidney Webb; 203, The Need for Federal Reorganisation in the Co-operative Movement, by Sidney Webb; 204, The Position of Employees in the Co-operative Movement, by Lilian Harris; 205, Co-operative Education, by Lilian A. Dawson; 206, The Co-operator in Politics, by Alfred Barnes; 207, The Labour Party on the Threshold, by Sidney Webb. London: Geo. Standring/Fabian Society. 1885-1923. 44 tracts bound together, each numbered in ink to top right-hand corner of title-page, some with library stamp, some title-pages a little soiled; nos. 40, 163 & 199 retaining original printed wrappers. Disbound.

[55902] £350

The Fabian Society, a socialist society set up in 1884, advocated gradual rather than revolutionary social reform. The name came from the Roman general Quintus Fabius whose strategy was to delay battle until the right moment. Early members included Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw, Emmeline Pankhurst and H.G. Wells.


GODWIN, William. History of the Commonwealth of England. From its Commencement, to the Restoration of Charles the Second. London: printed for Henry Colburn. 1824-1828. Four volumes: xvi, 496; xvi, 696; xvi, 599; xvi, 608 pp; some foxing. Later good quality red half calf gilt, raised bands, contrasting labels, some wear on corners, but a handsome set. First edition.

[55649] £800

"He was the first writer to make a thorough use of the pamphlets in the Museum and other original documents. His thoroughness and accuracy made his book superior to its predecessors, and it is useful, though in some directions superseded by later information" (Leslie Stephen's article in "Dictionary of National Biography").


HITLER, Adolf. The Nazi Party, the State and Religion ... with a foreword by Dr. Hugh Dalton, M.P. London: issued by Friends of Europe. [Friends of Europe Publications no. 41. 1936]. 23[1] pp., with two small library stamps to title-page. Original printed wrappers.

[56659] £26


HOLYOAKE, G.J. The Liberal Situation: Necessity for a Qualified Franchise. A Letter to Joseph Cowen Jun. Newcastle-on-Tyne, reprinted from the Newcastle Weekly Chronicle. [1865]. Small 8vo: 36 pp. Library stamp to foot of title-page and final leaf. Disbound. Inscribed at top of title-page "Jno[?] Noble Esq. From Mr Holyoake".

[72279] £30


[KRUGER, S.J.P., DU TOIT, S.J., SMITH, N.J.] Address to the Members of the Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Societies upon the Native Question. By the Transvaal Deputation. London: Harrison and Sons. 1883. 15[1] pp., plus map of South East Africa; library stamp to foot of title-page and final leaf. Unbound.

[56619] £40


(MORRIS) TOWNSHEND, Mrs. Emily Caroline. William Morris & the Communist Ideal. London: published and sold by the Fabian Society. Third Reprint, Jan. 1921. 24 pp. Original printed wrappers, small library stamp to title-page and upper wrapper.

[54437] £25

Fabian Biographical Series, No. 3. Fabian Tract No. 167.


SEWELL, Henry The Case of New Zealand, and Our Colonial Policy. A Letter from Henry Sewell Esq. … to Edward Wilson Esq. London: Bell and Daldy. 1869. 30 pp. Library stamp to foot of title-page and final leaf. Disbound. First edition.

[72280] £60


SMYTH H.D. A General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes under the Auspices of the United States Government 1940-1945. Published in the United States of America by the Government Printing Office, Reprinted by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London. 1945. iv, 144 pp. Original printed wrappers, dust-soiled, frayed at base of spine. Ex-library, with circular stamp to verso of title-page and to final leaf, also to upper cover. First British edition.

[54889] £40


STIRLING, James Unionism: with remarks on the Report of the Commissioners on Trades' Unions. Second edition. Glasgow: James Maclehose. 1869. 56 pp. (including half-title); occasional pencilled notes, small library stamp to foot of title-page and final leaf. Disbound.

[71182] £50

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