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German Philosophy

CLAUBERG, Johannes. De Cognitione Dei et Nostri, Quatenus naturali rationis lumine, Secundum Veram Philosophiam, potest comparari Exercitationes Centrum. Editio novissima atque emendatissima. Frankfurt: Leonardi Strim. 1685. Small 8vo: [lxii], 472 pp. (two leaves of 'contents' duplicated); title-page printed in red and black (with 19th century ownership inscription); single small wormhole to top outer margin as far as p.129. Contemporary vellum, rubbed, small hole in spine.

[56321] £200

Clauberg (1622-1665) German Cartesian philosopher, studied at Leiden and became professor of philosophy and theology at Herborn in 1649 and at Duisburg from 1651. He was interested in developing German as a language suitable for philosophical writing and, in his Latin writings, he frequently inserted German words and phrases, as much to help fix the German meanings as to elucidate his Latin expressions


FREGE, Gottlob. Compound Thoughts. Edinburgh: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. January 1963. Pages 1-17 inclusive in Mind, a Quarterly Review, Vol. LXXII, No. 285. Original printed wrappers, a little frayed at edges.

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Translated by R.H. Stoothoff. Originally appeared as "Logische Untersuchungen. Dritter Teil: Gedankengefüge" in the "Beiträge zur Philosophie des deutschen Idealismus" in 1923.


FREGE, Gottlob. On Concept and Object. Translation by P.T. Geach (Revised by Max Black). Edinburgh: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd. April 1951. Pages 168-180 inclusive in Mind, A Quarterly Review, Vol. LX, No. 238. Original printed wrappers, a little frayed at edges.

[55730] £90

First published in the "Vierteljahrsschrift für wissenschaftliche Philosophie", 1892.


Original issues of the official Hegelian journal

[HEGEL]. Jahrbücher fur wissenschaftliche Kritik. Herausgegeben von der Societät für wissenschaftliche Kritik zu Berlin. Jahrgang 1833, Erster/Zweiter Band; Jahrgang 1835, Erster/Zweiter Band; Jahrgang 1836, Erster/Zweiter Band; Jahrgang 1837, Erster/Zweiter Band; Jahrgang 1838, Zweiter Band; Jahrgang 1839, Erster/Zweiter Band. Stuttgart & Tübingen/Berlin: Cotta/Duncker & Humblot. 1833-1839. Quarto. 11 volumes in all. Vol.1838/2 lacking issues 61-64 and 103-105 inclusive, Vol.1839/2 lacking issues 84-86 inclusive. Oval ink library stamp to title-page of some volumes; occasional foxing, some damp staining in 1837/1. Contemporary boards, some wear, except the two volumes for 1837 in modern boards.

[56019] £1400

The "Jahrbücher fur wissenschaftliche Kritik" is one of the most important academic journals of the nineteenth century, and original issues are extremely scarce. The Societät fur wissenschaftliche Kritik (society for scientific criticism) was formed in July 1826 in Hegel's own home; it had three divisions -- philosophical, natural scientific, and philosophical-historical. The Society's members constituted the original "old Hegelians". The "Jahrbücher" appeared as the official Hegelian journal and were largely responsible for developing the Hegelian followers into a coherent school by providing a recognisable form to unite various strands. The journal ran from 1827-1846, and was reprinted in its entirety in 1996.


(HEGEL) ROSENKRANZ, Karl. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's Leben .... Supplement zu Hegel's Werken. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot. 1844. Engraved portrait frontispiece, xxxv[i], 566 pp, [6] pp. advertisements; occasional underlining/marginal notes, scattered spotting. Original cloth, some wear to top and bottom of spine, joints rubbed. First edition.

[55082] £200


(HEGEL) SCRYMGOUR, E.P. Hegel's Philosophical Position, with two other essays on the Real Essence of Religion and on Desire and Will. London: Harrison and Sons. 1891. 27 pp; unbound. First edition.

[55763] £50

The essay on Hegel occupies pages 3-14.


HEIDEGGER, Martin. Nietzsche. [Pfullingen]: Neske. [1961]. Two volumes: 661[1]; 492[2] pp; some pencilling. Original cloth in dust jackets in good condition. First edition.

[55092] £150

Sass 95/96.


Signed items

HEIDEGGER, Martin. A small collection of works, comprising:- Anteile. Martin Heidegger zum 60 Geburtstag. Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann. [1950]. 284[4] pp. Original wrappers, a little frayed at edges. First edition. Aus der Erfahrung des Denkens. Pfullingen: Gunther Neske. [1954]. 27[3] pp; some minor spotting. Original printed boards. First edition. Was Heisst Denken? Tübingen: Max Niemeyer. 1954. [viii], 174[2] pp. Original boards in dust jacket. First edition. Der Feldweg. Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann. [Zweite Auflage. 1956]. Small 8vo: [iv], 7[1] pp. Original printed wrappers. Presentation copy from H. Heidegger, dated January 1960. Was Ist Das - Die Philosophie? Pfullingen: Günther Neske. [1956]. 45[1] pp., some pencilling. Original printed boards. Hebel - Der Hausfreund. Pfullingen: Günther Neske. [1957]. 39[1] pp., some underlining in red. Original printed boards, slightly soiled. First edition. Sein und Zeit. Achte unveränderte Auflage. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer. 1957. xi[i], 437 pp., pencilled marginalia and underlining. Original boards in slightly frayed dust jacket. Gelassenheit. [Pfullingen]: Neske. [1959]. 73 [7] pp., some pencilling. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Martin Heidegger 26 September 1959. [Messkirch: Aker. 1959]. Frontispiece, 36 pp. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Signed by Martin Heidegger, and with further presentation inscription from Heidegger's nephew Heinrich to J.M. Demske dated 1961. Der Ursprung des Kunstwerkes. Mit einer Einführung von Hans-Georg Gadamer. Stuttgart: Philipp Reclaim Jun. [1960]. 12mo: 126[2] pp. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Festansprachen zum 700-jährigen Messkircher Stadtjubiläum 22 bis 30 July 1961. Prof. Dr. Martin Heidegger, Freiburg; Prof. Dr. Berhard Welte, Freiburg; Oberkonservator Dr. Altgraf Salm, München. [Messkirch: Aker. 1961]. Small 8vo: 36 pp., including 4 photographic illustrations. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Inscription on half-title [from Heidegger's nephew Heinrich, dated August 1962]. Martin Heidegger. Zum 80 Gerburtstag von seiner Heimatstadt Messkirch. Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann. [1969]. Frontispiece, 63[1] pp. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Ansprachen zum 80 Geburtstag am 26 September 1969 in Messkirch. [Messkirch: Aker. 1969]. Frontispiece, 37[1] pp. Original printed wrappers. First edition. Signed by Martin Heidegger.

[55253] £1600

This collection is from the library of James M. Demske, author of "Sein, Mensch und Tod: Das Todesproblem bei Martin Heidegger", Münich 1963, translated as "Being, Man and Death, a Key to Heidegger", University of Kentucky, 1970. Also included are a small number of postcards (from Heinrich Heidegger to Demske), photographs and cuttings.


KANT, Immanuel. Critick of Pure Reason translated from the original of Immanuel Kant, by Francis Haywood. Second edition with notes and explanation of terms. London: William Pickering. 1848. xlvi, 625[1] pp. Recent good-quality green full morocco gilt, top edge gilt; with slipcase. A handsome copy.

[56161] £450

First published in 1838, and reprinted with improvements in 1848, this work was commended by William Hamilton, and long remained the standard English translation, making Kant's work accessible to the English-speaking world. In 1844, Haywood (1796-1858) published an analysis of the "Critick", designed to 'elucidate the points which still remain unintelligible'.


KANT, Immanuel. Critik der reinen Vernunft. Neueste Auflage. Frankfurt & Leipzig [no printer]. 1794. xliv, 884 pp; some damp staining to outer margins. Contemporary marbled boards, worn on spine and at extremities.

[56213] £300

Warda 65.


KANT, Immanuel. Die Religion innerhalb der Grenzen der blossen Vernunft. Königsberg: Friedrich Nicolovius. 1793. xx, [ii], 296 pp., errata leaf; occasional minor foxing. Contemporary half calf, label, rubbed at extremities. First edition.

[55620] £500

Warda 141.


KANT, Immanuel. Sämmtliche Werke. In chronologischer Reihenfolge herausgegeben von G. Hartenstein. Leipzig: Leopold Voss. 1867-1868. Eight volumes. Contemporary half morocco, rubbed on spines.

[51811] £500

First edition of Hartenstein's chronologically arranged edition. Adickes 3.


(KANT) CAIRD, Edward. A Critical Account of the Philosophy of Kant. With an historical introduction. Glasgow: James Maclehose. 1877. xx, 673 pp., pencilled notes to rear blank; library stamp and bookplates to front endpapers. Contemporary full vellum gilt, red morocco label to spine, central gilt armorial to each cover, slightly soiled on spine. First edition.

[55879] £100

Caird's first book, in which he sought "to explain the Critical Philosophy in its relation to the general development of Philosophy, and especially to the stages of that development which immediately preceded it." (Preface).


OPPENHEIMER, Franz. Grossgrundeigentum und sozial Frage. Versuch einer neuen Grundlegung der Gesellschaftswissenschaft. Berlin: Vita Deutsches Verlagshaus. [1898]. xvi, 504 pp. Original half cloth, lettered in gilt, marbled boards, a little rubbed. First edition.

[54701] £180

An early work by Oppenheimer.


OSTWALD, Wilhelm. Die Farbenfibel. Zweite bis dritte, verbesserte Auflage. Mit 8 Zeichnungen und 200 Farben. Leipzig: Unesma. 1917. viii, 46 pp., with 200 mounted colour samples, plus diagrams to the text. Original cloth, black lettering, with mounted colour sample to upper cover, a little rubbed, but generally a very good copy.

[56044] £400

First published in 1916. Ostwald (1853-1932), was a Latvian-born German physical chemist; his contributions to colour science became well-known and he built a laboratory for colour research at his home at Grossbothen. He was awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1909. Ostwald became interested in the methodology and organisational aspects of science, in a world language, in internationalism and in pacifism. His philosophical outlook, known as energetism or energetic monism, was strongly influenced by his scientific backgrund. He founded the journal "Annalen der Naturphilosophie" in 1901 and edited 14 volumes up to 1921.


REUSCH, Johann Peter. Systema Metaphysicum Antiquiorum atque Recentiorum item propria dogmata et hypotheses exhibens. Editio teria auctior et emendatior. Jena: Croeker. 1753. [xvi], 4, [iv], 64, 1120, [80] pp; title-page printed in red and black with engraved vignette, occasional head- and tail-pieces; marbled edges. Contemporary half calf, gilt decorated spine with raised bands, contrasting label.

[56009] £450

Reusch (1691-1757), was professor of philosophy at Jena, and a Wolffian philosopher. "Systema Metaphysicum" was first published in 1734.


SAPPER, Dr. Karl. Wahrheit und Irrtum in der Relativitätstheorie. Eine gemeinverständliche logisch-erkenntnistheoretische Untersuchung. Graz: Im Selbstverlag des Verfassers. 1952. Large 8vo: 44 pp. Original printed wrappers, faded at edges. With separate 8-page Appendix. First edition.

[56386] £125

With two typed letters, signed, from Gilbert Ryle to Gerd Buchdahl, dated 1955, the first asking him to "cast an eye" over the work, the second thanking him for his review, plus 3 foolscap pages of Professor Buchdahl's typed notes.


SCHOPENHAUER, Arthur. Ueber das Sehn und die Farben, eine Abhandlung. Leipzig: Johann Friedrich Hartknoch. 1816. 88 pp; text somewhat browned. Near-contemporary cloth, rubbed, faded on spine. First edition.

[55065] £2250

Rare. Schopenhauer's important essay on the perception of colour and the response of the eye to changes in the arrangement of colours in the field of vision, inspired by Goethe's "Farbenlehre". Schopenhauer expresses his profound respect for Goethe's achievement. Grisebach p.11. Hübscher 6.


WITTGENSTEIN, Ludwig. Remarks on Frazer's Golden Bough [Bemerkungen über Frazers Golden Bough]. Edited by Rush Rees, English translation by A.C. Miles. [Retford, Nottinghamshire]: Brynmill Press. [1979]. vi, 18 leaves, parallel German/English text. Original cloth in frayed and spotted dust jacket.

[73532] £50

The German text reprinted with corrections from 'Synthese', vol. XVII, 1967; the English translation first appeared in 'The Human World', no.3, 1971.


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Rachel Lee rare antiquarian philosophy books for sale