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Essay concerning Humane Understanding (1694) 

John Locke (1632-1704) is often referred to as the most influential philosopher of modern times. His Essay concerning Humane Understanding is here in its important 2nd edition published in 1694, five years after the 1st and incorporating new material and some significant changes. The Essay is the work on which Locke's everlasting fame chiefly rests; it is the first modern attempt to analyse the whole range of human knowledge, and took him twenty years to complete.

Corps de Toute La Philosophie (1614) 

An early and scarce French-language complete philosophy course and possibly a source book for Descartes, Corps de Toute la Philosophie divisé en Deux Parties, by Theophraste Bouju, was published in Paris in 1614. This handsome folio volume is bound in contemporary blind stamped vellum.


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